We combine education with privileged access through a presentation process tailored to your available time and
particular preference including all or any of the following:

  • accompanied museum and commercial gallery visits.
  • regular email updates including images, prices and historical context on the best works as soon as they
    become available here and overseas.
  • studio visits, exhibition openings, lectures and events.
  • on site presentations and seminars including still images and videos.

Our aim is to ensure you put together a collection of museum quality art according to your particular taste and requirements while helping you acquire the experience and knowledge to derive lasting appreciation and maximum leverage from it.


LoveArt works with architects, interior designers, corporations, businesses, councils and private collectors to oversee and install site-specific art. LoveArt has well established working relationships with international and Australian artists and galleries to ensure selection fabrication and installation occurs on time and on budget. We can also assist with launches and press.


LoveArt’s custom-built catalogue ensures accurate monitoring of the condition and location of all works in a collection. This is a vital and unique tool especially in relation to:

  • overseeing museum loans (raising the esteem of an artwork and consequentially its value).
  • tracking maintenance and conservation.
  • offsite storage in climate controlled art storage facilities.
  • tracking value
  • providing more specific research and content for publications in relation to particular works or whole collections.
  • recent exhibition history and literature.

Through you can securely access this online.


Those who sell well have usually bought well. The best art is never cheap, but it is always a bargain in the long term.
LoveArt facilitates the purchase and/or commission of art works by:

  • liaising with artists, galleries and auction houses.
  • seeking, developing and evaluating proposals for commissioned site, time and budget specific work.
  • negotiating commission agreements and the best possible terms of purchase.
  • advising on works for auction and bidding on collectors’ behalf at sales.

We have independent, long-standing working relationships with the top Australian and international galleries and auction houses and offer privileged confidential access to work not otherwise available.


Professional installation ensures the long term safety enjoyment and maintenance of a collection. Art should compliment the architecture and fitout to exploit the logic of a space while utilising the mutliple platforms offered by contemporary built environments.

LoveArt has established working relationships with shippers, framers and installers regularly used by museums and can facilitate, oversee and coordinate these activities. We often work with architects and designers and seek to achieve a practical, beautiful and engaging installation that is critically rigorous and a sound investment.


LoveArt provides a comprehensive, easy to use and up-todate
catalogue of all works purchased through us, including information as to:

  • purchase price in original currency and Australian dollars
  • current value
  • framing costs
  • artist biography and artwork descriptions
  • provenance
  • recent exhibition history and literature.

Through you can securely access this online.


LOVEART is different.


As a retainer client of LoveArt, you will never endure pressure to actually purchase works, with an emphasis in your first year as a client to simply gain education and insight, determining what art you would like to collect and the spaces in your life it should occupy.


LoveArt does not hold work here on consignment, therefor works proposed to you are objectively the very best quality currently available and come from galleries, auction houses and private collections all over the world. We are completely independent and possess no obligation to third parties regarding the sale or resale of art.


LoveArt has a reputation for confidentiality and discretion, built up over twenty years of advising corporate and private clients, many of whom are household names.


LoveArt has a proven reputation for working with International and Australian emerging artists that have since become iconic.

Irrespective of its size or value, an art collection should provide endless personal pleasure, enhance your home or business environment, and become a valuable asset.

Your collection should actively demonstrate the same commitment to excellence that underlies your present position and future goals. In other words, it must be of the highest possible standard, exemplifying shrewd art collecting know how that can be translated into a positive statement about your own personal style and business acumen.

Our aim is to only present you with works of art that have the objective qualities to meet the criteria outlined above, so that all you have to do is decide what you like.